. Atmospheric Circulation of Tide-Locked Exoplanets. Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech, 2018.


. Linking the Climate and Thermal Phase Curve of 55 Cancri e. Astrophys. J, 2017.

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Our paper on wave-mean flow interaction on tidally locked planets has been accepted by ApJ, and you can read it at!


Our paper on the climate of 55 Cancri e has been accepted by ApJ, and the preprint is at!

We found that the observations of Demory (2016) did not rule out an atmosphere, and that our GCM results could be consistent given an atmosphere of several bar, a mean-molecular weight of about 5 g/mol, and cloud formation high on the night-side.


Selected Posters and Talks

Wave-Mean Flow Interaction on Tidally Locked Planets

Exoplanets II, Cambridge, June 2018

Modelling Lava Planet Atmospheres with Gaseous Absorption

UK Exoplanet Meeting, Oxford, March 2018

Modelling the Climate and Phase Curve of 55 Cancri e

Diversity of Planetary Circulation Regimes, Les Houches, March 2017

Modelling the Climate of 55 Cancri e

UK Exoplanet Meeting, St Andrews, March 2017